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Psychic Readings

I am an experienced intuitive reader. For years I have helped many individuals to connect with their divine resources. Spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones who have made their transition, and animal guides are all around everyone who walks the path of life on Earth. They offer their loving guidance and support to us all. There is no darkness that can escape the divine light of Source. All that one needs to do to connect to that light is have an open heart and the intention to connect with love and healing from Spirit.


My readings are always given in a loving and non-judgmental way, making you feel lifted up on angels' wings, allowing you to see past your perceived obstacles. Divine guidance can be obtained in your life now to help you to manifest all of your desires for your future.



I am Clairvoyant which means "clear seeing." It is the ability to see psychic vibrations in the form of pictures and visions through the third eye. I can visually connect with the angelic and high spiritual realms.
I am Clairaudient which means "clear hearing." This allows me to hear words, music and sounds from Spirit. This is often connected to the visions I receive through my third eye during readings.
I am Clairsentient which means "clear feeling." This means that I can feel emotionally and physically, psychic vibrations of both human and spirit beings. 

One Hour Phone or Email Reading ...................... $200


Thirty Minute Phone or Email Reading ............... $100


At this time, Karen is only offering Readings to female clients. To schedule your Reading please go to the Appointments page, then select the Reading that you would like!

Price List for Readings

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